On Monday, 5th February, thanks to our group’s friend- Slawek Kalinowski, our dancers had a great opportunity to meet an eminent Mexican dancer Carlos Camillo Gracia Bernebe who tought them some salsa and dances from his national country.

Carlos is a charismatic person that travels around the world learning and marveling over cultures and dances from other nations. He also presents Mexican folk dances on festivals in many different countries. He admires their variety and connections between one another.

This last feature was the main theme of the meeting. Carlos told our dancers about the background of some Mexican folk dances. He gave a quick rundown on the Slavic polka dance that become a part of some Mexican regions thanks to immigrants from our part of Europe. Poor people were watching the rich foreingns dancing at their dance parties and tried to work it into their free time. This is how a our popular dance become a part of the Latino country. This is what Carlos showed and thought Wielkopolanie. 

In the next part of the rehersal, our dancers learned how to dance salsa. It was a very exciting and memorable evening.

We were impressed by the professionalism and an enormous knowledge of our guest. We are glad that we could experience this lesson and feel the climate of Mexico.