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Carnival is a traditional masqueraders process, as well as the time of the best fun, during which countless events and treats take place. Traditionally, the carnival begins less than a week after the New Year. The first day of the carnival is the Epiphany, on January 6, and last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. This special time of the year is associated with dancing, because in the past it was thought that the better fun and "higher jumps" during dance games, the more harvested this year's harvest will be. The name of the carnival comes from the Latin phrase "carne vale", which means "goodbye to meat", it came from the tradition of saying goodbye to meat before Lent.

           As every year, during this period, the Folkloristic Group "Wielkopolanie" was the organizer of the treat, which took place in the Angello Club ". This is already the XXXIII carnival meeting of dancers and their friends in the whole history of the group. According to tradition, the ball began with a polonaise - a Polish national dance, first made by Wielkopolanie, and then by all guests. After the ceremonial start, the participants had the opportunity to see the graduation work of Nicol Krzyżanek, dancer of "Wielkopolanie", a graduate of the Masovian Dance and Theater Academy entitled "Marriage" - and everyone knows how it happens in a marriage.

            After performance, the time has come for the artistic program, specially prepared for this year's ball, titled "Timeline" - means how the dance has evolved over the years. Choreographs for this year's six presentations were composed by the group dancers: Krzyżanek Nicol, Laskowski Filip, Lempe Weronika, Pospiech Agata, Szymaniak Adriana and Szymański Mikołaj. They taught their friends and colleagues of individual dance steps, and then choreography of dances from the twenties to modern times. Waltz, charleston, rock and roll or disco reigned over the package thanks to the many-month-long efforts of dancers of the Folkloristic Group "Wielkopolanie".

          As every year, the "Wielkopolanin of the Year" was chosen as well,  the person who, in the opinion of the management and all dancers, was most engaged in the work for the team in the passing year. In this year's competition, the winner was Paweł Zawadzki - "professional", "solid and humble man, who puts energy into work for the benefit of the band wherever it is needed", "an orchestra man! a scientist, musician, artist, a person you can always rely on "," is extremely resourceful and you can trust him in any matter "- said his colleagues and colleagues: Agata, Zofia, Daniel and Piotr.

        Carnival is a nice tradition of "Wielkopolanie" filled with music and fun, filled with singing, dancing and Polish food. This was also the case this year, and "Wielkopolanie" are already inviting for the next year.