06 / 11 / 22

The wedding goat on the road!

Mężczyzna grający na koźle weselnym, w stroju ludowym.

This year’s month of October passes under the aegis of sunny weather, during which the musicians of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” worked tirelessly in schools and kindergartens throughout Wielkopolska. Once again, they visited schools and educational centres, performing in over 50 concerts dealing with the issues of the tradition of the Goat Region.

During concerts for schools and kindergartens, they showed the beauty of goat-making music traditions. Authentic costumes and the accompanying instrument: the white (wedding) goat, aroused admiration from the youngest to the oldest participants of the concert. Children and teenagers had the opportunity not only to watch costumes, dances and singing, but they could also dance and play with the dancers.

The artists conducted many educational activities on the issues of regional culture – they discussed the details of the costumes and described the technique of playing on the white goat. There were also dance lessons. Thanks to such activities, non-obvious and incomprehensible concepts became closer, and the „walcerek”, „wiwat”, polka and „szocz” became known to the next generations of young people.

Educational school concerts are an idea to enable contact with the culture and art of young and young audiences. For many years “Wielkopolanie” have been going on concert tours to educate children and youth about the values ​​of Polish culture, with particular emphasis on dance and folk music. These concerts complement school programs related to broadly understood culture.

The management of the group would like to thank Art. Agency Tutti Art. Katarzyna Wieczorek for the preparation of the route.

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