Declaration of accessibility

Website accessibility


The Regional Public Library and Culture Animation Center in Poznan becomes obliged to provide accessibility of its internet sites according to the regulation from 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of internet sites and mobile applications of public entities. The announcement regarding the accessibility applies to the portal.

Internet site publication date: 01.01.2015
Last major update: 09.30.2019

The Portal functions in partial accordance with the 4 April 2019 act on digital accessibility of internet sites and mobile applications of public entities due to the following inconsistencies or exclusions:

  • Despite the efforts of the Portal publishers, some documents published on the Portal may be unavailable since they have been made public prior the act on digital accessibility coming into action,
  • Some videos placed on the Portal may not feature subtitles or other required functionalities since they have been published prior to the act on digital accessibility coming into action or since they come from external sources.

The declaration was drafted on 30 March 2020. It was created based on a self-assessment conducted by the public entity.

More information and contact

In case of issues with accessibility please contact us at

Use the email above to submit applications for accessing unavailable information or complaints regarding lack of accessibility.

Navigating without the use of mouse

Navigation of the site is possible using keyboard only. The pages are based on the structure of headings which allows quick navigation around the page content. Filters, calendars, forms and other functionalities have been built in accordance with the standards and can be accessed using a keyboard. Individuals who do not use a mouse can navigate around the Portal without effort. If necessary, the page can be substantially enlarged using the tools available in the browser.


The Portal includes files that can be downloaded. It may be that not all the files feature full accessibility. Some may lack headings or alternative texts for charts or other graphic elements.

Alternative descriptions of art and photographs

We remember to provide alternative descriptions for graphic elements and photos showing essential information.

Enlarging the page

The Portal page can be enlarged using dedicated buttons in the page header or common keyboard shortcuts.


Color contrast of content elements on the page can be enhanced using a dedicated button in the page header.

Content legibility

We’re striving to make our content comprehensible, legible and presented in a way that facilitates good readability and reception of information. Longer texts are divided into paragraphs. Important information and quotes are highlighted.


Every individual has the right to request to provide accessibility of a website or mobile application, or a specific part of either. One can also request access to information in an alternative form, for instance, to have a digitally inaccessible document read out or to have a video without audio description described. The request should include personal information of the person sending a request, an indication of the specific website or mobile application and preferred method of contact. If the person sending a request expresses a need for receiving information in an alternative form, she or he should also specify the form of the given piece of information.

The public entity is obliged to fulfill a request in a period of up to 7 days. If the request cannot be fulfilled in under 7 days, the public entity should provide immediate information on the date of the realization of the request. The date, however, cannot be later than 2 months from the day the request was submitted. If the accessibility request cannot be completed, the public entity may offer an alternative way to access the information.

If the entity refuses to fulfill a request involving accessibility or alternative access to information, the person applying for a request may submit a complaint about improper conduct.

After all means of issue resolution have been exploited, the complaint may be issued at the Ombudsman (Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich).

Architectural accessibility

Main building – Poznań, ul. B. Prusa 3.

Modernization works have been completed.

The whole institution is functioning in a single location, with rooms accessible for the physically disabled. The building complies with the most recent architectural accessibility standards.

How to get here using public transportation

Closest tram stop: Rynek Jeżycki
Closest bus stops: Kraszewskiego, Rynek Jeżycki

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