19 / 12 / 23

Christmas help of "Wielkopolanie"

tancerze zespołu

On December 16-17, the artists of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” supported the most in need with their artistic skills.

On Saturday, during the “Christmas Eve with Smoleń” campaign, they sang the most beautiful carols and pastorals for the people.

“Christmas Eve with Smoleń” is a meeting organized from 2021 by the Become a Cabaret Star Association in partnership with Caritas in Poznań. Anyone can come. At noon, the participants of the Christmas Eve celebration shared the wafer at the monument of Bohdan Smoleń, and then Christmas dishes were prepared for them. Throughout the entire time traditional Christmas carols resounded from the stage for the numerous participants. In addition to “Wielkopolanie” artists, you could listen to the Gospel Joy choir, All Fine Choir, Solna Brass Band of the Poznań Secondary Music School, Angels of St. Elizabeth and students of the J.J. Śniadeckich Food Industry School Complex..

The Christmas Eve party was held under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Poznań and the Starosta of Poznań.

On Sunday, all groups of the Folk Group”Wielkopolanie” danced and sang at a charity concert organized by the Drużyna Szpiku as part of Poznań Bethlehem. Over a hundred artists appeared on stage, from preschoolers to seniors. 6 groups of the ensemble presented the dance and music culture of Greater Poland, Żywiec, Lachy Sądeckie, Rzeszów and the Krakow region.

Poznań Bethlehem also offers plenty of events and attractions. There were delicacies from over forty exhibitors, as well as mulled wine or beer, and hot cocoa for the youngest. At the fair stands, you could also buy gifts for your loved ones and feel the atmosphere of the holidays by watching performances of other invited artists. This year’s program was extremely rich in interesting events that diversified Christmas shopping until December 27.

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