21 / 05 / 08


XXIVth CARNIVAL BALL OF “WIELKOPOLANIE”On 18th of January for the 24th time took place the carnival ball of “Wielkopolanie”. As always “Wielkopolanie” invited for their ball their friends to have fun with them during one of the Fridays of January. 340 guests watched traditional opening which insisted of traditional polonez and mazur. 12 pairs after the show invited guests to dance together not only polonez but also oberek and polka. After opening ceremony dancers presented specially prepared programme. It insisted of Taiwan and Tunisian dances which have been seen during last year trips. Over 50 dancers during 2 months were training choreographies made by Agnieszka Głowacka, Tomasz Tokarz, Katarzyna Seredyńska and Piotr Kulka. The most attractive was the Taiwan dragon which was prepared by our dancer Katarzyna Seredyńska and the construction was made by Mr. Marian Tokarz, we want to thank you for it very much.
XXIVth CARNIVAL BALL OF “WIELKOPOLANIE”“Wielkopolanie” also prepared for the guests gallery from the tournee in Taiwan and Tunisia, sponsored by the MDM Druk company, and the big lottery. The ball has ended in the morning and everyone happy went home.

We want to thank the sponsor once again and see you next year!

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