20 / 09 / 23

"Wielkopolanie" (for once more) in Mexico!

tancerze na wspólnym zdjęciu

The Latin American Folklore Festival “Mexico” is one of the most important celebrations of folklore and culture of Central and South America. Already in 2019, the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” had the pleasure to participate in the 3rd edition of this event, but due to the invitation by the International Association of Latin American Folklore, „Wielkopolanie” participated in another, this time 6th edition of the Festival, performing polish folklore again in front of mexican audience. In addition to representatives from Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Mexico, the Poznań group was a unique band from Europe, distinguished by its own culture and tradition. For an audience of thousands of people, “Wielkopolanie” attended 15 concerts and took part in many street parades during their almost two-week stay. The concert tour ran through the charming Mexican cities of the Guerrero region: Tlapa, Tlalixtlaquilla, Chilapa, Acapulco, Iguala and Amacuzac.

During concerts in city squares, cultural centers and theaters, they amazed the audience with their costumes, dances and music. In addition to concerts for the inhabitants of the Guerrero region, artists presented folk traditions for preschoolers, teachers and students. The largest concert of the festival took place on September 15th in the city of Iguala on the occasion of Mexican Independence Day. On this special day, for several thousand mexican audience, “Wielkopolanie” presented dances and songs of the Silesian Beskidy mountains and the Rzeszów Lands.

The festival organizers made sure that the visiting artists could also learn about Mexican culture. Dancers and musicians could see the concert cities, learning about their monuments and local traditions, the characteristic features of the cuisine, as well as participante in dances to the sounds of Mariachi music. “Wielkopolanie” were also resting on the sunny beaches of Acapiulco and had a possibility to to see most important places in the capitol of the country, walking along the roads of Mexico City.

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