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Vocal Competition

On October 12, at the Poznań General Music School, the “Wielkopolanie” Folklore Group organized voivodship preliminaries to the 1st Polish National Vocal Competition named after Stanisław Jopek.
Cooperation between the Mazovia State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, and the Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center began in April, when both institutions signed a cooperation agreement. The library became a regional representative for the whole of Greater Poland, and entrusted organizational activities to the “Wielkopolanie” Folklore Group operating within its structures.

The patron of the competition is the legendary soloist of the group “Mazowsze” Stanisław Jopek, and the program of the Competition includes songs from the repertoire of the group.
The competition is for soloists. Each of the claimants for victory can come to auditions with an accompanist or a band; he can also present his vocal skills with an accompaniment played from a sound carrier or sing a’capella.
The competition regulations provide for four age categories: 9-14 years, 15-19 years, 20-25 years and 26+.

The first stage of auditions took place in 16 local partner institutions throughout Poland.
55 soloists from all over Wielkopolska took part in the Poznań competition, during the provincial eliminations. According to Organizers, it was the largest number of participants among all regions.

The 5-person jury decided to award the following prizes:

1st category is 9-14 years old
place I: Kulka Maria
place II: Hryciuk Michał Borys
place III: Wawrzynek Tymon
distinction: Bryś Nadia and Kaminiarczyk Agata

II age category 15-19 years
place I: Murmiłło Maja
place II: Mata Maria
place III: Nowacka Julia
distinction: Matuszak Nadia and Kownacka Dominika

III age category 20-25 years
place I: Obrycka Zofia
place II: Dolata Anna
place III: Cieślak Marianna and Dzieba Renata
distinction: Gałęcka Julia and Manowska Michalina

IV category 26+
place I: Kamil Hall
place II: not awarded
place III: not awarded
distinction: Ratajski Sławomir

The dancers of the “Wielkopolanie” group won 1st place in the II and III age categories.

I would like to thank all participants of the Wielkopolanie Folklore Group of the Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center for their participation and congratulations to the winners. It is them in individual age categories that will be invited to participate in the 2nd Stage, which will take place at the headquarters of the “Mazowsze” Group in Otrębusy. Winners of the Competition will perform during the Gala Concert together with the choir, orchestra and ballet of the “Mazowsze” State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble.


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