27 / 02 / 15


UNIQUE BALLUNIQUE BALLAt the beginning the guests got the postcards showing our dancers in Polish national costumes sponsored by MDM DRUK firm. Because of the generosity of this firm the guests could see an exhibition of the most beautiful photographs from our travels.

As a tradition says the ball was started by a polonaise- the Polish national dance. First, Wielkopolanie danced it in front of our guests. Then everybodyUNIQUE BALL UNIQUE BALLwas invited to dance together and we made a beautiful choreography.

Traditionally the dancers from Wielkopolanie prepared an artistic program. A theme of this performance were the travels in the past year. The performance began with the Armenian dances , prepared by  Paulina Stocka and Mikołaj Szymański. Later on the dance floor appeared some beautiful girls in special costumes, presenting dances from Thailand, prepared by Weronika Lempe. The finale of the show was absolutely unique. UNIQUE BALLThe UNIQUE BALLmembers of our group showed the national dance of Easter Island which are a part of Chile. The beautiful dance was prepared by Bartosz Marciniak.

Very splendid and unique costumes were prepared by leader of the group Piotr Kulka and Agata Pospiech.


The aUNIQUE BALLudienceUNIQUE BALL was so delighted that after the show they started to dance with dancers.

Then the ball continued until dawn and the dance floor wasn`t empty even for a while. Sore feet were the souvenirs that was taken by a lot of happy guests.

See you next year!

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