03 / 07 / 21

To the mazurka...

On June 15-27, in the city of Łódź, the 1st International Folk Dance Festival was held after name of:

“Jadwiga Hryniewiecka” under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska.

Due to pandemic reasons, the event was held online.

During the festival, a virtual exhibition of folk costumes was presented and the International Choreographic Competition “Let’s dance in the native language” was held.

The aim of the competition was to awaken inspiration among choreographers to create on the basis of Polish cultural patterns in accordance with the Polish aesthetic and moral canon and in accordance with the artistic idea in which the famous choreographer – Jadwiga Hryniecka created folk dances. She was a representative of expressive dance, so she adopted the ideas of this direction for folk dance, creating a dance direction, called by some theorists “theater dance”.

The subtitle of the first competition was “Around mazurka rhythms”, and its task was to create an original choreography for one of the three Polish songs: “Uciekła mi przepióreczka w proso”, “Jeszcze jeden mazur dzisiaj” and “Laura i Filon”.

The choreography for the competition was created by Agata Pospiech, a dancer, winning 1st place. Jury consisted Małgorzata Kucharska-Nowak, Klaudia Carlos-Machej, Wioletta Milczuk, Łukasz Neter and Łukasz Skonieczny.

Additionally, due to the high artistic level, the jury decided to award a special prize to the dancers of the “Wielkopolanie” ensemble participating in the choreography: Kacper Helka, Filip Laskowski, Szymon Obolewicz and Bartłomiej Spirka.

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