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The Wielkopolski Bat in Wronki

The Wielkopolski Bat in Wronki

National Tournaments of Polish Dances have become more and more popular in recent years. In 2002-2006 Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna and Centrum Animacji Kultury, thanks to Jadwiga Banaś and Piotr Kulka, organized National Tournaments of Polish Dances o „Poznańską Bamberkę” and all of them were a huge success.

After few years of absence of tournaments in the Greater Poland, dancers of Folkloristic Group „Wielkopolanie” and also instructors of Folkloristic Group „Marynia” in Wronki – Hanna and Jan Galasińscy have done their best to reestablish that form of cultivation of Polish traditions in our region.

The Wielkopolski Bat in Wronki

Thanks to an invaluable support of Burmistrz Miasta i Gminy Wronki Mirosław Wieczór, Stowarzyszenie Sympatyków Kultury Ludowej „Otwórz się na folklor” in collaboration with Wronieckie Stowarzyszenie Kultury and Wroniecki Ośrodek Kultury managed to organize a tournament at national level for the second time.

The Wielkopolski Bat in WronkiA sports hall was changed into a ballroom. In beautiful scenery, lights and among large audience competed participants in polka, krakowiak, oberek, kujawiak and mazur.

Two pairs of „Wielkopolanie” took part in the tournament. Hubert Gramse with Agata Pospiech won the second place in category VB and also Tomasz Sabok-Rzepka with Weronika Lempe won fourth place in master category VA.

On Sunday the audience had the pleasure to watch a competition in a Regional Dance category. All the dances come from a region of Szamotuły that are located nearby Wronki. Five pairs from “Wielkopolanie” took part in this competition. Hanna Galasińska undertook to prepare them. After a few weeks of preparation all pairs entered to the finals. They presented Przodek and Poniewierany and the jury decided that:

The Wielkopolski Bat in Wronki

– I Wojciech Frącek and Weronika Gramse

– II Tomasz Sabok-Rzepka and Magdalena Zgoła

– III Hubert Gramse and Agata Pospiech

– V Arkadiusz Jacewicz and Weronika Lempe

– VI Bartosz Marciniak and Paulina Stocka.  


The Wielkopolski Bat in WronkiWe are extremely pleased that not only national dances were presented on the dance floor but also dances from the Greater Poland for the first time in history.

It is worth mentioning that in this tournament also two other dance groups from the Greater Poland did very well ie. Children’s Folk Group “Cepelia-Poznań” and Folkloristic Group “Marynia”.


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