04 / 11 / 23

The Governor from Korea in Wielkopolska

tancerze w strojach pozujący do zdjęcia

On November 2nd this year, at the headquarters of the Marshal’s Office of the Greater Poland Voivodeship, a unique concert was held, which honored the visit of Governor Tae-heum KIM – head of the Chungcheongnam-do partner region in South Korea. The Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” rose to the challenge, offering an unforgettable musical and dance experience that will certainly remain in the memory of all participants of this unique meeting of cultures.

The concert began at 6:00 p.m., bringing together representatives of local authorities, diplomats and representatives of the cultural community. „Wielkopolanie”, known for its passion for tradition and professionalism, took the audience on a journey through the richness of Greater Poland’s folklore. Unique folk costumes, energetic dances and colorful musical pieces made the official hall filled not only with sounds, but also with positive energy emanating from the artistic expression of the group. Governor Tae-heum KIM, who was the guest of honor that evening, expressed his deep impression of both the talent of the performers and the cultural richness represented by the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”. His smile during the performance showed how much he enjoyed the opportunity to immerse himself in the atmosphere of Polish folklore and tradition. This meeting not only strengthened the ties between the Greater Poland Voivodeship and Chungcheongnam-do, but also opened new perspectives of cultural cooperation. The KIM Governor expressed his willingness to continue interregional dialogue, promoting the exchange of cultural, artistic and educational experiences. The visit of Governor Tae-heum KIM to the Marshal’s Office of the Greater Poland Voivodeship will certainly go down in history as a moment full of mutual understanding and respect between the cultures of Poland and South Korea.

This event proves that art and culture are universal languages that can cross geographical and linguistic borders, connecting people at different levels. “Wielkopolanie” concert for the Governor of KIM is not only a unique moment in the history of both regions, but also a confirmation of the power of cultural exchange in building lasting international relations.

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