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SUMMER ON PAŁUKI OR ST JOHN'S NIGHTPeriod of concerts called „Lato na Pałukach” were born in 1968 year to give inhabitants and tourists, who are coming to Pałuki in summer, attraction offerts to spend free time. This initiative are continuated by Szubin (Spring na Pałukach), Żnin (Autumn na Pałukach), Mogilno (Winter na Pałukach).
During thirty five years of exisctence, competition changed. Since half part of 90s „Lato na Pałukach” are always organized by Municipal House of Culture in Wągrowiec.„Wielkopolanie” begun this year’s „Lato na Pałukach”. For gathered public in Municipal Theatre „Wielkopolanie” presented dances and songs of their region, but also dances from Beskid Śląski, Górny Śląsk, Kujawiak, Oberek or Krakowiak. Public were reacting really noisy during audience and there wasn’t end of applauses.
SUMMER ON PAŁUKI OR ST JOHN'S NIGHTOne week earlier, in 15th June, „Wielkopolanie” have been presented dances on Jarmark Świetojański in Poznań. This trades are proceed since middle ages. King established it like privilege, which guaranteed free exchange of commodity, safety and inviolability in property tradesmen. City must have made proper conditions indemnify for commerce order – appoint business square, control prices, weights and measures. Fairs have been proceeded for several time in the year. SUMMER ON PAŁUKI OR ST JOHN'S NIGHTThey were related with church holidays. E.g. fair have been proceeded in Poznań in the this form, because of holiday of St John (24th June). There was most important trade from among all other yearly trades. Similar thing have with gdansk and famous Dominican Fair. Folkloristic Group „Wielkopolanie” has ended commemoration of fairs in 2008 year. Dances from Wielkopolska, dances and songs from other part of country hae subjugated hearts of Wielkopolska inhabitants.

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