27 / 11 / 18


On November 23, as every year, the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” invited their friends and acquaintances to the annual St. Andrew’s party. The topic of this year’s fortune-telling was “Sea Stories” or the water world and aquatic experiences.
“Wielkopolanie” like every year took care of the uniqueness of Andrzejek. In the maritime atmosphere of the evening of fortune-telling and games, group introduced a large number of guests specially prepared for the occasion of the stage design. Pirates, octopus, jellyfish, goldfish and many, many other people dressed up according to the theme of the event appeared in the room.
At this year’s St. Andrew’s Dancers, under the guidance of his Council, they prepared interesting and fun contests. They checked fitness skills, developing the sense of touch or general knowledge of the walrus alphabet, they were an opportunity to integrate tables and all guests. Attractive prizes awaited the winners.
As every year, all guests took part in the competition for the best disguise. After the parade of selected couples from individual launches, the winners were Octopus and Siren.
The fun did not lack traditional fortune-telling, which was associated with predicting the future and checking what awaits us in professional life or in love. The most popular among guests was, of course, pouring hot wax through a keyhole into cold water. The solidified wax formed a shape that was then viewed by casting a shadow on the wall. This prediction was mainly related to determining the characteristics of the future spouse or his profession, etc.
 All guests in the cheerful and friendly atmosphere enjoyed themselves until dawn.

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