04 / 12 / 23

St. Andrew's Day with "Wielkopolanie"

uczestnicy imprezy na wspólnym zdjęciu

On the last Saturday of November, the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” again organized its traditional St. Andrew’s Day, but this time the participants had the chance to become kings and queens in their own, unique style. The entire room buzzed with creative energy as each guest dressed as a king or queen, with inspirations ranging from classical monarchs to kings of pop and sports.

It all started with a magical entrance to the hall, the atmosphere of which was filled with royal splendor. Each participant, from the youngest to the oldest, took on the role of a royal character, introducing a unique dose of fun and fantasy to the event. Among the participants you could meet medieval queens, rock kings and even disco queens. The group also undertook the task of organizing competitions, which further heated the atmosphere. These competitions tested not only creativity, but also knowledge of the history of royal dynasties and the ability to master the art of royal dancing.

The most anticipated moment of the evening was, of course, the competition for the best royal costume. There was no shortage of wonderful costumes that surprised with their originality and attention to detail. Choosing the winners was not easy, but after much applause and ovation from the audience, the titles of King and Queen of the Evening went to two characters who were able to combine tradition and modernity in their creations.

Traditional fortune telling, although this time included in the royal theme, also found its place. The guests had the opportunity to delve into the secrets of the future, and the royal prophecies provided a lot of emotions and laughter.

St. Andrew’s Day with “Wielkopolanie” turned out to be not only a great opportunity to have fun, but also a manifestation of creativity and imagination. At the royal ball, everyone could feel special and experience the magic of this special night. The wonderful atmosphere, fantastic costumes and the royal atmosphere made St. Andrew’s Day with “Wielkopolanie” a long time in the memory of all participants.

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