14 / 12 / 22

Senior training camp

Grupa tancerzy w strojach ćwiczebnych pozująca do zdjęcia.

On the second weekend of December 2022, the dancers of the senior group “Wielkopolanie” went to improve their skills in Nietążków at a training camp. Dances, music and songs of Cieszyn and Rzeszów resounded to show their beauty next year during numerous planned concerts.

Over thirty dancers explored the secrets of these lands’ music and dance culture for three days and learned the figures, steps and songs to present their skills in new, specially prepared costumes for this group.

A group of “senior” dancers associating former dancers of folklore groups, mainly “Wielkopolanie” but also people who are just starting their adventure with folklore, for many years, they have been cultivating the traditions of the Wielkopolska, Lublin and Krakow regions. This time has passed for the folklore of the Cieszyn and Rzeszów regions. Polka, “kulawa”, “bez noge” and waltzes learned by the dancers, thanks to the experience of the instructors, took them to the “real” world of the old lands. A world filled with music, dance, singing and costume.


Meanwhile, the time has come to perfect the steps, dance figures and musical arrangements so that next year, we will be able to present the results of the work to the audience.


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