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RECORD-BREAKING OCTOBER 200895 concerts, 277 hours of physical exercises and performances, over 6 000 kilometres – this is achievement of dancers from Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” in the October. That month began for the group with the achievement of laureate title in IV Regional Prospect in Duszniki. Jury was charmed by performance of dances from Eastern Cracow, the Kraowiak (national dance) and “Lajkonik” in choreography of Leszek Rembowski, with music written by Stanislaw Horbik.
After that success dancers began two artistic tours with auditions in Greater Poland andRECORD-BREAKING OCTOBER 2008 Lower Silesian’s schools & kindergartens. 86 facilities had a chance to acquaint themselves with Greater Poland’s folklore as well as with dances from the south of Poland and ballet. Under the title “Southern Poland’s Folklore” “Wielkopolanie” presented costumes, music and dances from the regions of Silesia, Rzeszów and Eastern Cracow yet they didn’t forget about their region. They displayed great range of traditional and characteristic musical instruments. Kindergarteners and students could familiarize themselves with instruments such as “kozioł weselny”, “kozioł czarny”, “sierszenki” and “mazanki” (all of them are types of bagpipes).
RECORD-BREAKING OCTOBER 2008Another type of performances during October tour were meetings with ballet. During those auditions spectators were introduced to classical dance costume and viewed performances to “Swan Lake” in choreography of Marta Mszanowska. Children had also a chance to dance with dancers and learn basic steps & classical positions.
During the whole tour “Wielkopolanie” didn’t forget about elderly spectators. That is why they performed at the Seniors Meeting organized by City Hall in Poniec.RECORD-BREAKING OCTOBER 2008
In the middle of the month tournament couples competed in Polish National Dance Tournament. Participation was rewarded with the 1st place in IVB category for Magdalena Effert & Jan Galasiński. In IVA category Hanna Jaworska & Marcin Lewandowski took 4th place and Paulina Stocka (Children’s Folkloristic Group “Cepelia -Poznań”) and Mikołaj Szymański took 6th place.
RECORD-BREAKING OCTOBER 2008At the end of the October triumph belonged to group of dancers who took over month-length preparations in Kostrzyn. Each of dancers performed on stage of Municipal Culture Centre three dances with one of outstanding citizens. The aim of that concert was to help in activities of „Dorośli dzieciom” Association. Choreographies for the “Tańczą z nami” show were written by: Ewa Czajka, Hanna Jaworska, Katarzyna Lesiuk, Adam Kijewski and Piotr Kulka.
Hard work and success – both of them make dancers and management of Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” very happy.
In the November artistry of “Wielkopolanie” will be presented to citizens of India. It will be 90th artistic journey in group’s history.
Management & Dancers of Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”
Render Heartfelt Thanks to:
Pro Musica Foundation
Art.&Music Agency
and Headquarters of Municipal Culture Centre in Kostrzyn

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