23 / 11 / 16


From 18th of November for three days old members of Wielkopolanie group were  improving their technique and dancing skills in Nietążkowo city.

Almost thirty dancers who for many years cultivated Polish musical and vocal traditions learned the ins and outs of polish folklore. Under the supervision of instuctors : Maciej Sierpiński and Piotr Kulka experienced “rowny”,”okrągłe”, “lotane” and “walcerki” dances. Besides this dances they were learning Rzeszów, Przeworsk and Lublin regions. 

In addition to the dance classes the trainees also perfected their vocal skills. In the training hall resounded folklore of Wielkopolska, Krakow, Spisz and Śląsk regions.

Practicing from early morning to late evening hours didn’t make a big issue for them so they are gearing up for next training sessions. Old members of Folk Group Wielkopolanie plan to present their choreographies   in following year as well as present their performances outside the Polish borders. 

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