07 / 03 / 16


On a 6th of March Folkloristic Group Wielkopolanie with Society of Vilnus Friends invited people from Poznań on Kaziuki 2016. Kaziuki is a special celebration in memorial of st. Kazimierz who is patron of Poland and Lithuania. This year it was 23th celebration. These year Kaziuki started from the photography exibition. It took place in Provincial Office and showed photographies of Eastern region of Europe. On Sunday after the official opening great parade took place. Participants of the parade were all of the artists and representatives of Kaziuki 2016. Folkloristic Group Wielkopolanie showed to their enormous audience programme that was specially made for this occasion. It contained dances from: Great Poland Region, Bytom Region, Rozbark Region, Eastern and National Cracow dances. Kaziuki besides wonderful performances is an opportunitu for Poznan citizens to try traditional food and buy Easter decorations. The traditional fair take place every year where besides food you can also buy handicraft from Lituania.

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