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III National Vocal Competition of Stanisław Jopek

uczestnicy konkursu pozujący do zdjęcia

At the beginning of the year, Poznań became the capital of Polish folk songs. On January 21, the Folkl Group “Wielkopolanie” had the pleasure of hosting the participants of the 1st stage of the III National Vocal Competition of Stanisław Jopek, organized by the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze”.

The creators of this project are guided by the idea of popularizing among the polish both well-known and rarely performed songs of “Mazowsze”, but also to bring the profile of the patron of the Competition closer. Auditions for the first part of the Competition were held in nearly fifty local centers. Candidates were required to prepare two songs from the repertoire of “Mazowsze” from the given list of songs.

The auditions of the first stage in Poznań were held in the Youth House of Culture No. 3, which, as a partner of the Provincial Public Library and the Center for Culture Animation in Poznań, supported the organization of the event. Participants of the Competition entered in four age categories, performing various songs from the repertoire of “Mazowsze”, presenting their vocal skills in front of the Jury, which consisted of:

– Mirosław Ziomek – Choirmaster of PZLPiT “Mazowsze”

– Waldemar Reich – Head of the Competition Office

– Karolina Staśkiewicz Krzak – ethnomusicologist and educator

– Stanisław Horbik – Music Director of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”

Among the participants of the 3rd edition of the Competition, there were of course “Wielkopolanie”. This year, the dancers of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” and the Children’s Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” presented their skills:

– Małgorzata Macuga in category IV

– Maja Murmiłło in category III – qualifying for the second stage of the competition

– Dominika Dzilne in category I – qualifying for the second stage of the competition

The winners in each age group will be invited to the designated macro-regional centers for the second stage. The third and final stage will take place in Karolin, the headquarters of “Mazowsze” in Otrębusy near Warsaw.

Congratulations to all participants of the Competition and we wish you further successes!


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