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II Meetings with Lachy Sądeckie

tancerze w strojach biskupiańskich

II Meetings with Lachy Sądeckie – Folk Dances Festival is a folklore celebration under the patronage of the Małopolska Cultural Center „SOKÓŁ”, initiated and organized by the „Mystkowianie” Regional Ensemble from Mystków.

During Saturday’s spectacle, in the scenery of the hall at the wedding of Jan and Anna, the audience could admire the wealth of costumes, dances, songs and music performed by the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, the Song and Dance Ensemble “Ziemia Gąbińska”, the Student Song and Dance Ensemble of the Rzeszów University of Technology POŁONINA and of course the hosts – „Mystkowianie” Regional Ensemble.

The wonderful audience that filled the hall of „Sokół” Cultural Center in Nowy Sącz could see the diversity and beauty of Polish folklore. Folklore from the regions of Szamotuły, Biskupizna, Sanniki, Łowicz, Przeworsk, Krosno and Sądecczyzna appeared on stage. Anyone who carefully watched the spectacle noticed that the bride – Anna – appeared in the costume of the ethnographic group whose dances were performed. And so we could see her in the costume from Lachy, Rzeszów, Łowicz and Szamotuły, while Jan wore the richest Lachy caftan.

During the show directed by the initiator and originator of the entire event – Patryk Rutkowski, over 250 artists performed, even from distant regions, showing how much folklore connects people. The joint final consisted of various dances danced together, among others: polkas, klapok, poniewierany.

At the end of the concert, the hosts from Mystków honored the performers with commemorative images of Our Lady in Lachy clothing, and the manager of the „Mystkowianie” Regional Ensemble – Kamil Wiatr, together with the Director of the Municipal Cultural Center in Kamionka Wielka, thanked everyone for their commitment during the preparations and for the concert filled with traditional culture of many regions. After the concert, all the artists went to the Village Cultural Center in Mystków, where they enjoyed folk music and the „Raslavicke Muzikanci” together until dawn.

The II Meetings with Lachy Sądeckie were co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state earmarked fund, as part of the “Dance” program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

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