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HARVEST DAY 2008On the 30th of August, City Office of Potrzanów, Public Library and also citizens, organized the Harvest Day. Colorful Harvest pageant (banners, clergy, agriculture organizations, the cream and citizens) was leading from city center to stage by Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”.  After all celebrations and MassHARVEST DAY 2008

Wielkopolanie were singing, while cream shared with special bread. Then, they presented some dances from their region. About one thousand people were clapping and then everybody was taking part in some interesting competitions made by organizers.
In the 7th of September Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”presented in Mieścisko during the Harvest. After Holy Mass in Saint Michael Church, colorful pageant was walking to stadium. There was a big opening party. Some elderly people got well-earned medals. “Wielkoplanie” had made big 1-hour show. Everybody was amazed. Organizers made special attractions and surprises for all participants. Everyone can also eat hot dinner, prepared by Firefighters. Amazing fireworks have finished event.

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