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HARD-WORKING DAYS FOR WIELKOPOLANIE!On Friday “Wielkopolanie” presented on “Wzgórze Przemysława” in Poznań during the “Holiday of Lady of Poznań”. XXII Monks day of Maria which obtained from 9-16 of September in the church of Franszikanie on the Old Market Square were both – place where you can dance and pray, where you can learn about folk and watch it. That’s why The Folkloristic Group Wielkopolanie have shown their program. In the program of that holiday week had place a market, knights competition, teaching how to write with a pen. Holyweek has ended on 16th of September at 6 p.m. with mass and a procession with a picture of Lady of Poznań around the Old Market Square. On Saturday Wielkopolanie presented with specially prepared program in Sielinko during the Polish Day of beekeeper. In beekeepers day took part beekeepers, producers of the inventory need to keep bees and the reps of beekeepers households . Wielkopolanie for that occasion prepared dances and song from our region with typical music and instruments. The audience had chance to listen to maryna wielkopolska , kozła weselnego and dudy wielkopolskie. Audience mostly liked the tradtion of “chodzenie po rożnie” from western Wielkopolska.

On Sunday Wielkopolanie went to Okonek which is situated 150 km from Poznań for the regional harvester day. After the mass the group took part in a parade from church to the local
Stadium. After the holy welcome Wielkopolanie presented the dances and songs from 6 regions of our country.
It was very hard-working weekend for dancers and musicians from Wielkopolanie, but Wielkopolanie don’t have time for a rest. Just after few days they are going for the next international festival. This time they will perform for the first time in Croatia.

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