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GREAT POLAND'S CHRISTMAS EVENSChristmas, celebrated since the fourth century, over the centuries shaped the folk customs and religious rituals. Some of them gradually disappeared, others have survived to our times in the form of residual or extended. Singing Christmas carols is a beautiful custom of Christmas. Christmas carol was accompanied Poles everywhere for centuries. In addition, carol is a living monument of past ages, the legacy that connects us with them, friendly to its simplicity and its characteristic humor, is an expression of noble sentiments and good. It is the dignity and spiritualfocus, meditation and longing, tenderness and sensitivity. Carol is thus both ecclesiastical and secular song, sung in the church and at home.
With the most beautiful carol „God is born“ on the 15th of December „Wielkopolanie“ started their Christmas meeting. Along with the dancers of the group, at the Christmas table sat the friends, acquaintances and former dancers of “Wielkopolanie“. By the sounds of band, we all sang the most beautiful Polish carols and pastorals, and after the official acknowledgments expressed by Mr. Leszek Rembowski shared the wafer.

On December 20th the dancers sat by the Christmas table with the Directorate and the Provincial Employees of Public Library and Centre of Culture Animation, in structures which they have been operationg for many years.

Completion of the year is a time for summing up the achievements of the Group in 2010:

The group in 2010 showed up on stage and performed 289 times:
– 158 programs in Wielkopolska’s schools and kindergartens in the field of dance and culture of WielkopolskaGREAT POLAND'S CHRISTMAS EVENS
– 55 programs in Wielkopolska’s schools and kindergartens in the field of ancient dances – historical
– 10 programs in Wielkopolska’s schools and kindergartens in the field of national dances
– 3 programs in Wielkopolska’s schools and kindergartens in the field of dance and culture of the southern Poland

The group danced and conducted training for students from around the world during:
– „Biesiada Polska“ organized by the University of Economics
– „Polish – German meeting“ organized by the Office of the City of Poznań
– „Night of Polish culture“ organized by students of Poznan University of Technology

By the occasion of the „Frederic Chopin year“ Wielkopolanie performed 7 concerts in Poznan.

The Folkloristic Group „Wielkopolanie“ in collaboration with the Teacher Training Center conducts training and educating workshops in the field of national and Wielkopolska’s culture. In 2010, we conducted 10 courses. This year began a year – round qualification course and classes will be continued during next year. Courses leads Mrs. Jadwiga Banaś and Mr. Piotr Kulka.

In 2010, the pairs of group Wielkopolanie was presented during the three Nationwide Tournaments of Polish Dances. Dancers of „Wielkopolanie“ has always occupied the leading positions in Poland.

The group performed three times for an international audience. Danced in Malta during the International Folklore Festival (taking 1st place), in Albania during the International Folklore Festival in Vlore, and Algeria in Sidi-Bel-Abbes International Folk Festival 2010.
The group performed during two charity concerts for sick children:
– by the occasion of „Children’s Day“ in a rehabilitation hospital in Kiekrz
– during the picnic at the Lech Poznań stadium for the integration of disabled children.

The group took part in the Dożynki Archidiecezjalno – Wojewódzkie in Śrem.

„Wielkopolanie“ has also performed during the concerts e.g:
– Concert of Carols – Gułtowy
– Education Fair for the Adam Mickiewicz’s University – Poznań
– Kaziuki 2010 – Poznań
– Easter in Tesco – Poznań
– Picnic at Wilson Park – Poznań
– Completion of the school year – Chodzież
– Mochalowski Pair – Mieścisko
– 110 years of Górczyn – Poznań
– the opening event of Sports Hall of Adam Mickiewicz’s University

In 2010, the group has awarded the National Foklore Festival „o Łowicki Pasiak“. Choreographed the winning layouts composed Mr. Leszek Rembowski and the music was written by Mr. Stanisław Horbik.
The group also recorded the album – „Wybrane tańce i zabawy folkloru Wielkopolskiego“ containing 26 most beautiful and popular dances of Wielkopolska. This CD, together with methodological materials in the development of Mr. Piotr Kulka will be released by the end of the year.

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