29 / 01 / 24

"Gody Żywieckie" Festival

tancerze na scenie w trakcie koncertu głównego

„Żywieckie Gody” is an annual tradition that takes place at the beginning of each year in Żywiec and Milówka, cultivating local customs. One of the most spectacular elements of these celebrations are colorful parades of costumed people, including Jukacy from Żywiec-Zabłocie and Dziady from nearby villages. The costumes of these carolers may seem strange to people from outside the Żywiec region, but they have deep cultural significance. These costumes refer to traditional symbolism and stereotypes, and the custom of singing carols was considered a ritual influencing prosperity and prosperity in the New Year. This cultural heritage is passed down from generation to generation, which helps preserve the traditions of our ancestors. Participating in this caroling brings joy, integrates the community and strengthens the sense of local pride.

Every year, “Żywieckie Gody” includes various events, the most important of which take place in Żywiec and Milówka. These include: a whip cracking competition, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations of winter customs and numerous concerts.

On Saturday, January 27, a folk art fair was held at the Żywiec Cultural Center, during which the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” presented itself. During the hour-long program, the large audience had the opportunity to admire not only the dances and songs of Greater Poland, but also other regions of Poland and the national Krakowiak. In addition to Poznań artists, the Regional Ensemble “Grojcowianie”, the Song and Dance Ensemble “Ziemia Żywiecka” and other musical and ritual groups also performed on the stage.



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