11 / 04 / 18


Dancers from Folkloristic Group ‘Wielkopolanie’ have spent the first April’s weekend in the Nietążkowo city, where they were preparing a new artistic programme for an upcoming concerts.
From Friday until late evening on Sunday, Poznan artists danced very diligently. ‘Wiwat’, ‘Przodek’,’Krakowiak’ and other Polish dances. All of that is to present in front of
Experts of the Polish Section of CIOFF (International Councils of Folklore Associations, Festivals and Folk Art) in May or to present theirselves during ‘Night of Museum’. During the upcoming artistic performances, the audience will be able to see Poznan game called ‘Podkoziołek’ , Biskupianies’ games, ‘Mięsopusty’ from Dąbrówka city, dances from different regions and also Polish national dances.

Over fifty artists, despite their hard work in favour of cultivating Polish

Traditions and customs  did not forget about integration games

prepared by the Wielkopolanie’s Council.
This year’s theme were animals. There were insects, ostriches, zebras, pigs and many, many others that competed between in many contests.

Every year, ‘Wielkopolanie’ go for a training camps in order to represent Polish culture on higher level on both domestic and foreign stages. Not only are they refining their artistic programme but also they are learning other dancing and musical techniques.

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