05 / 10 / 21

Culture of the Rzeszów region

“Grej muzyko bedzies w niebie bo basista koło Ciebie”……


Dances, music and songs of the Rzeszów region resounded in Nietążkowo on the first weekend of October, all under the supervision of an outstanding regionalist, ethno-choreographer, expert of the Polish CIOFF Section, Alina Kościółek – Rusin.

For three days, more than forty dancers from the older group of “Wielkopolanie” group explored the secrets of music and dance culture, getting to know new figures, steps and songs, to soon present a new choreography on domestic and foreign stages.

A group of “mature” dancers associating former dancers of folklore groups, mainly “Wielkopolanie”, but also people who are just starting their adventure with folklore, for many years cultivating the traditions of the Wielkopolska, Lublin and Krakow regions, and this time the time has passed for the folklore of Rzeszów. Thanks  experience of Mrs. Kościółek-Rusin, transferred them to the “real” world of the former Rzeszów region. A world filled with music, dancing, singing and clothes.

Meanwhile, the time has come to perfect the steps, dance figures and musical arrangements, so that next year we could present the results to the public.


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