02 / 12 / 15

Another Christmas, another ‘precious parcel’

For the third time Folkloristic group ‘Wielkopolanie’ has joined National Campaign ‘Precious Parcel’.

Another Christmas, another ‘precious parcel’Within 14 years of the project, Precious Parcel reached to nearly 90 000 families. Only in 2014, help and suport hasb been received 19 580 families, this is 76 746 people. In the fifteenth anniversary edition , parcel would like to help about 20 000 families in need.
Thanks to efforts of dancers and ‘Wielkopolanies’ friend,chosen by the group , precious parcel met the needs of chosen family and fulfiled dreams.
Another Christmas, another ‘precious parcel’Another Christmas, another precious parcel. It’s hard to even decribe spirit of Christmas, nevertheless, spending them with a sense of uncertainty about the future of their own family , magic of Christmas may come down to second place. Since it;s beggining, Spring Association wants to deal with poverty and they do it in a very accurate and well-organized way. So this gas led many Polish to share their material goods with those who really need them.
Another Christmas, another ‘precious parcel’In preparing ‘wielkopolanies’ parcel attended not only present dancers, but also whole team, previous dancers and the Staff of the Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center in Poznań and friends of the band. Yours help also offered  company Bel-Pol affording new floor panels for the family.

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