14 / 11 / 21

And the bagpipes are playing...

The music culture of Wielkopolska occupies a leading place on the map of Poland. The distinctive cultural distinguishing features are the regional features of folk music – especially the repertoire and instruments – and the related dance folklore. For Wielkopolska, a representative instrument that distinguishes this region on a national scale are bagpipes, usually performed together with a “tied” violin in a two-person  folk band. This instrument was previously widespread throughout  the southern part of Greater Poland, from Poznań, inclusive, to the Silesian border in the area of ​​Rawicz and Krotoszyn. Even today, although to a lesser extent, it is a vital symbol of the folk music culture of the region. “Wielkopolanie” from the very beginning of its activity cultivate and popularize this extremely rich musical folklore of their own region. In 2020, they implemented a ministerial project to build these instruments, characteristic of their region, bagpipes, of which there are as many as 5 varieties in Greater Poland: Bukowsko-Kościan bagpipes, Rawicz-Gostyń bagpipes, white goat, black goat and sierszenki. After seven months of hard work, four students: Piotr Kulka, Piotr Górecki, Jakub Sławiński and Fryderyk Jankowski, under the supervision of master Andrzej Mendlewski, made instruments with which they are currently touring to instill their beauty among the younger generation.

The first center they visited was the Youth Cultural Center in Poznań. It was here that they met with children for whom they organized a concert and presentation of these popular and characteristic instruments for the Wielkopolska region.

Concerts can be booked under the telephone number – 608 397 696.


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