01 / 11 / 22

Ah, what a wedding!

Para Młoda wychodząca z kościoła, obrzucona konfetti

On August 26, the dancers of our group: Magdalena Zgoła and Wojciech Frącek stood at the wedding carpet. They started their adventure with folklore from an early age. Initially, they danced in the Children’s Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, formerly “Cepelia – Poznań” in various age groups (Magda from 2006 amd Wojciech from 1998), and then in the main group “Wielkopolanie”, where they met and dance to this day. During these several years, a lot has happened in their lives. In addition to hundreds of hours spent in the hall, rehearsing, hectoliters of poured sweat, they visited many beautiful places all around the world. Moreover, they met wonderful people with whom they are still friends until now. Being in the group is a special time for them, a time when they could get to know each other better. Because of that they could not imagine their wedding day without the presence of “Wielkopolanie”. The dancers and musicians of the band made this day even more special for them.



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