30 / 11 / 23

A summary of the project "Embroidery of Wielkopolska - richness and diversity"

Mistrzyni opowiadające o efektach projektu

The project “Embroidery of Wielkopolska – richness and diversity”, implemented by the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” of the Provincial Public Library and the Cultural Animation Center, came to an end in the atmosphere of a great celebration of culture and heritage. The ceremonial ending and summary of the project took place in the presence of numerous lovers of tradition and handicraft gathered at the Library’s headquarters.

Both workshop participants and those who were impatiently waiting for the effects of the project gathered in a room full of positive energy. They listened to accounts of the difficulties and joys of learning the typical embroidery of Wielkopolska region, and admired the artistic skills of the participants who, under the watchful eye of Mistress Donata Kaczocha, discovered the secrets of this unique handicraft. There was also no shortage of pleasant surprises – at the end of the project, the participants’ works were exhibited, which demonstrated not only their skills, but also their passion and commitment to protecting the cultural heritage of Wielkopolska. The variety of embroidery, from Szamotuły to „snutka Golińska” embroidery, surprised with its precision and beauty. The guests also included representatives of local cultural centers who expressed their appreciation for “Wielkopolanie” involvement in the protection and promotion of tradition. They talked about the importance of projects like this, which not only revive cultural heritage, but also pass it on to future generations. At the end, all meeting participants had the opportunity to thank Mistress Donata Kaczocha for her invaluable knowledge and patience in sharing the secrets of Wielkopolska embroidery. In turn, the teacher herself expressed her emotion at seeing how passion and tradition are passed on to subsequent generations.

The impressions from this unique completion of the project are very positive. The meeting of cultures, the transfer of skills, and the joy of discovering one’s own creativity made this event unforgettable. The project “Embroidery of Wielkopolska – richness and diversity” is not only about protecting the intangible cultural heritage, but also building bridges between generations and continuing the rich tradition of Wielkopolska.

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