21 / 10 / 21

5 minutes for Oberek

On October 16, 2021, the final of the 4th edition of the Polish National Folk Dance Competition named after Jacek Lewandowski “5 MINUTES FOR OBEREK” took place.

The participants competed in two dance categories: traditional – for authentic couples and stylized – for folk dance groups. The jury also assessed choreographers and folk bands accompanying the dancers. “5 MINUTES FOR OBEREK” is not only an opportunity for an intergenerational meeting with other oberek lovers, but also a chance to get acquainted with the varieties of this traditional dance, which differ depending on the region.

In the Łódź Cultural Center, it was boiling with emotions. Colorful costumes, authentic bands, singing and dancing were present on the Łódź stage all Saturday.

This wonderful event could not be missed by the Wielkopolanie Folk Group. The team selected one pair for the competition in the category of authentic dance and 2 groups in the category of stylized groups.

They took the following places:

1st place Piotr Kulka for the choreography of the Poznań Podkoziołek

1st place for the Team for the performance of Poznań Podkoziołek

1st place for the ensemble’s band for the Bambrów Poznańskie program: Piotr Górecki (bagpipes in wlkp.) And Paweł Zawadzki (tied violin)

2nd place for the authentic couple (Bambrzy Poznańscy): Kinga Kulka and Michał Wawrzynek

2nd place Agata Pospiech and Szymon Obolewicz for the choreography “Od Szamotuł”

2nd place for the Team for the performance of “Od Szamotuły”

Distinction for the band’s band for the program “Od Szamotuł”: Zuzanna Paprzycka Powel (violin), Robert Lorek (clarinet), Patryk Powel (Maryna).



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