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As every year at the beginning of December, the Dancers of the Folkloristic Group "Wielkopolanie" got involved in the action of the Noble Parcel, whose primary goal is to collect money, needed clothes, gift packages and other items that may help those in need.
The final of the Noble Pack 2017 was planned for the weekend of 9-10 December and it was then that the donors delivered the collected parcels to previously designated warehouses throughout Poland, so that needy families would receive them around Christmas.
There was not much time to prepare it, but we managed to make it. The dancers of "Wielkopolanie" both the main group and mature dancers, as in the previous years, collected the necessary money, bought groceries, gas stoves, clothes, school items and other things that the family presented in the list of their needs.
The Noble Parcel, which has been operating since 2000, is a real miracle weekend. For the first time, the action was organized in Krakow in 2000 at the initiative of priest  Jacek Stryczka and a group of students in university chaplaincy. For 17 years, it has expanded its range to 645 regions throughout the country, and the assistance provided is estimated at approx.  47 million PLN. According to the organizers this year,  Nobel Parcel  reached over 20,000 families in need of help.
Dancers of "Wielkopolanie" emphasize the wisdom of preparing this social action, thanks to which families in need can experience happiness and feel the incredible atmosphere of Christmas. Such help shows their dignity and reassurance that they are not alone in their need.