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Puławy 2022

On March 12th, at the 20th National Competition of Polish Dances „For the ring of Princess Izabela” in the city of Puławy, the Folkloristic Group „Wielkopolanie” started another year of tournament competing. Just like every edition, the organizers of the event, which is very popular among many centers from almost all regions of the country, once again warmly welcomed the dance pairs of "Wielkopolanie".

Polish dance tournaments are an increasingly recognized form of popularizing Polish national dances. Couples taking part in the tournament compete on the dance floor in a form similar to ballroom dance tournaments. They wear formal clothes, present a social form of dance and are judged by a jury committee. The subject of the competition, however, are Polish national dances - krakowiak, oberek, kujawiak and mazur, and in the younger categories there is also polka.

This year again, the dancers of „Wielkopolanie” have been preparing for the tournament for many weeks - four couples total, performing in different age categories. In addition to the large audience participating in the event, the successes and competitions of all pairs were followed by audiences from all over Poland via live broadcasts on the Internet.

All national polish dances performed by the pairs of „Wielkopolanie” charmed the jury, which classified them in the following places:

II. place - Spirka Bartłomiej i Zofia Kulka in category IVB

IV. place – Haraś Stanisław i Haraś Diana in category VIIA

VI. place - Obolewicz Szymon i Pospiech Agata in category VIA

IX-X. place ex aequo – Powroziewicz Daniel i Lorenz Oliwia in category VIA

In addition, Bartłomiej Spirka and Zofia Kulka were promoted to a higher dance category - IVA.

The host and organizer of the competition, which took place in an amazing family atmosphere, was the Song and Dance Ensemble "Powiśle" of Kazimiera Walczak "Mamcia" from Puławy. The honorary patronage over the event was taken by: the Marshal of the Lublin Province, the Staroste of the city of Puławy, the Mayor of the City of Puławy, the Mayor of the Puławy Commune and the President of the Polish Section of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts.