Last weekend of February Dancers of the Folkloristic Group "Wielkopolanie" improved their skills in the field of national dances. In the walls of the Primary School No. 77 in Poznań, where the rehearsals of the band have been taking place for many years, the Polish music to which the Poznań artists have trained hard played. Under the guidance of Leszek Rembowski and Piotr Kulka, "Wielkopolanie" perfected the characteristic steps and dance figures of oberek and mazur. Sliding, chasse, stabbing or hulking did not cause Dancers too much difficulty, long hours of learning improved their condition, and above all influenced the level of the artistic team.
"Wielkopolanie" currently perform on the educational route in primary schools and kindergartens of the Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia provinces, showing the beauty of the culture and tradition of Bambers Poznań and the Kozioł Region, and in a week you will be able to admire them on the Old Market during the upcoming Kazik festival 2018