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On the 4th of June Wielkopolanie took part in Pentecost Feast in Szreniawa.

Pentecost according to folk tradition is the season of rites which aim at farewelling spring and welcoming summer. Those are accompanied by numerous agrarian rites. Moreover, it is a feast of farmers and shepherds. Pentecost, in Christian tradition, is celebrated 50 days after Easter and as the end of this period is a celebration of descent of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Feast in Szreniawia is organized annualy in order to carry on a tradition hence our group eagerly engaged themselves into the event. Wielkopolanie prepared a wide art programme, which included both regional and national dances.

The organizers remembered also about children visiting Szreniawa. Piotr Kulka, director of the group, led a bunch of games and plays for the little ones, who actively took part in all of them. As a reward for their effort, each and every of the participants received a gift such as puzzles or postcards with an image of Wielkopolanie.

Apart from attractions prepared by Wielkopolanie, the visitors could also take part in wickerwork, pottery and floristic workshops or observe a demonstration of putting out fire.