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XXVII CARNIVAL BALL OF WIELKOPOLANIEAmong the many invited guests of”Wielkopolanie” Group at the XXVIIth CarnivalXXVII CARNIVAL BALL OF WIELKOPOLANIE Ball came friends and family,to be able to spend that special evening of this year’s carnival.

For more than 250 guests “Wielkopolanie” started the ball traditionally with noble Polonaise with Mazur.
After performing those oldest of the national dances, dancers invited assembled guests and danced together not only polonaise but also polka and lively oberek.
After welcoming the guests the dancers presented program specially prepared for this event.
This year it weren’t dances referring to the foreign countries’ tour as guests expected, but completely different idea – dances from the famous musicals – Chicago, Grease, Fiddler on the roof – The bottle Dance and Swing.
For two months dancers were training under the watchful eye of Leszek Rembowski the choreographies made by Jan Galasinski, Zuzanna Gulczynska, Hanna Jaworska, Marta Mszanowska and Mikołaj Szymanski.
First on stage came man showingXXVII CARNIVAL BALL OF WIELKOPOLANIE their outstanding skills dancing with bottles on their heads, after them eye-catching girls form Chicago and then in truly American style – three girls dressed in stylish jackets and hats, danced jazz – swing. But the biggest impression on the audience made the performance of the musical Grease, which we all know and love well.XXVII CARNIVAL BALL OF WIELKOPOLANIE

For all the guests members of group prepared also multimedia show of photos from artistic tour through Albania and Algeria and the great prize-lottery.
For the first time in the history the Group Executives and the Group Council chose the best dancer of 2010. The title of “ Wielkopolanin 2010” received Przemysław Wójcik for the 100% attendance at rehearsals and concerts and perfect preparation for them.

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