21 / 03 / 22

World Culture

The Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” of the Provincial Public Library and Cultural Animation Center in Poznań has been cultivating and popularizing polish dance, music and singing traditions for sixty years, on stages all over the world. National dances and folklore of thirteen regions of Poland, unique and individual wealth of movement, characteristic sound and clothing, which express regional and even sub-regional identity – all of these are shown by artists from Poznań, not only during concerts on big stages but also educational ones at schools, for children and youth.

               The idea of educational concerts organized by “Wielkopolanie” is to introduce polish and world culture to children, and to let them learn about their wealth, diversity, old traditions and folk customs. Above all of it, children can develop a sense of national identity, pride and patriotism.

               At the turn of February and March, “Wielkopolanie” set off on another educational tour, this time in the field of world culture, presenting tango – a dance originating from South America. Its first forms were shaped mainly in Argentina, although the roots of the dance also reach Uruguay. As “Wielkopolanie” say, tango is a „controlled” improvisation with characteristic steps and gestures that accompany it. Tango is also the music that reflects its atmosphere and distinguishes it from other dances all over the world. During the educational tour, the group performed in 63 cultural and educational centers.

               The Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” is a group-institution that plays an important role on the cultural map of Greater Poland region and Poland itself. The protection of the intangible cultural heritage, the message of folklore sent along many generations and the effort to preserve it in the content, function and form known in the original users environment, guarantee its durability among the next generations.


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