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From October till the end of December children in schools and kindergartens in Wielkopolska admired the most beautiful dances of native region.

176 concerts all over the Wielkopolska were given by the Wielkopolanie to sow the region’s culture among the youngests. WIELKOPOLSKA'S PERFORMANCES TOUR
Poznań Bambry dance from the region of Szamotuły and Dąbrówka Wielkopolska performed in original dresses delighted gathered children and youth. Among Wiwaty, Przodki i Równe dances the audience have the opportunity to listen to legends and stories of Wielkopolska culture beginning.

The big surprise is alsoWIELKOPOLSKA'S PERFORMANCES TOUR the presentation of authentic folk instruments like Kozioł weselny and Dudy by the sounds of which the cheering of youngest spectators did not keep quiet. The youngest part of the audience had also the occasion to try themselves in the simplest dances of the region.

The tour of Wielkopolanie Folk Group contains its author’s performance conducted by Piotr Kulka, but also by Art & Music agency and Mezzoforte art agency. They thank the agencies very much for organization of the concerts.

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