30 / 12 / 07


 wielkopolanie with best wishesJust like the tradition says “Wielkopolanie” met together on a Christmas Eve night. That special evening was an occasion to wish marry Christmas to everyone. Carols which were presented by old dancers and actual dancers made the atmosphere wonderful and everybody could feel that special climate of Christmas.
The end of the year it is always occasion to reflection and to bring up memories. The 2007 year was a very busy year for the group. The last performance count record was beaten. The number of 231 performances was beaten by 281 times, we performed in our region, country and also Tunisia, Croatia and Taiwan. Group was also a laureate of Province Folkloristic Festival in Gniezno. Performances for sure will be remembered by the audience for sure also by the younger one.
We have in our memory weddings of dancers of our group Joanna Owsianowska and Bartłomiej Maćkowiak, Joanna Taczała and Marek Pawluk and Marta Solibieda and Jędrzej Mszanowski. Another reason to be very happy was that we welcomed 3 little children of our dancers Zuzanna Jagielska, Jan Taczała and Tymon Wawrzynek. Just right now we are waiting when they will enter our Group. In few days the managers of “Wielkopolanie” will meat with their families on their own Christmas Eve and they wish they would get more power to work more powerful in next year and do what they love and give them the satisfaction.

HJ tł. TT


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