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The wedding ceremony took place in the Church in Ełk. At 3 p.m. with the sounds of Wagner’s March Emilia crossed the doorstep of the church conducted by her father who gave her hand to Rafał who has waited by the altar. Emilia and Rafał met and appreciated each other during the long lasting trials, concerts but also during the long kilometers driven together with group. The fascination of folk which brought them together soon transformed in common passion and love.

After the touching ceremony just married Emilia and Rafał went out the church,, assisted by dancers worn in traditional folk clothes, where accompanied by folk songs took the wishes from the crowd of guests.

After the group photo newly –weds with all coming guests went to wedding party.WIELKOPOLANIE  - WALK DOWN THE AISLE

There they were welcomed with bread and salt by their parents and Rafał as the tradition says carried Emilia over the doorstep of the house. The party lasted till the early morning. As the bride wished dancers from our group performed especially directed by Agnieszka Głowacka traditional folk “oczepiny” ceremony.

It is a traditional custom, which takes place at some point during the wedding reception (usually around midnight nowadays), it was a big attraction for wedding guests. It was wonderful and amazing event.

                                                                                            AG tł MK

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