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„Wielkopolanie” & TARKAN

„Wielkopolanie” & TARKANFrom 24th of August folk group „Wielkopolanie” during their 86 journey abroad participated in the second International Folk Festival „BEYAZ ET FESTIVAL” in Bolu in Turkey.
The second International Folk Festival in Bolu which takes place under the patronage the Minister of Culture and Tourism, is the big event, in which besides folk groups from Georgia, Turkey, Senegal and Poland, participated big international stars: Ismail, Defilesi, Eylemnaz and the biggest turkish star TARKAN.
In the festival opening ceremony except for the City officials also Turkish art. And culture minister took part.

Lots of thousands of people could admired polish folk during three days lasting festival. 

„Wielkopolanie” & TARKAN

Mr Modest Wilkoszewski a friend of the Wielkopolanie looked after Poznan artists during the stay over 2000 km away from home. He is the Pole living in Turkish town – Polineskoj and he first met the group in 1995 when dancers performed their skills in his family town for Poles living in Turkey. Thanks to courtesy of Mr Modest group spent its scheduled free time in very active way and also visited the farthest corners of the Turkey.
After final show the traditional entrance exam for those who went out with Wielkopolanie for the first time. Lukasz and Mateusz struggled with the challenges that group has made up for them with a proper care. All participants liked the most the performance of the Senegalese dances accompanied by our friends from far Senegal.

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