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WIELKOPOLANIE ON THE PODIUMFrom 27 to 28 September the best dancers from all over Poland came to Wronki to present the beauty of some dances such as kujawiak, oberek, mazur, krakowiak and polka at the 1st Polish Dance Competition of a prize of “Wielkopolski Bat” WRONKI 2014. It was held with the sponsorship of the local authorities of Great Poland and the Major of Wronki. The competition`s goal is to protect the national heritage, shape the sense of esthetics and make polish dances more popular and encourage children and teenagers to interest in Polish dances.

There were over 50 dancing pairs in 7 different age categories from Poznań, Katowice, Warsaw, Bruse, Wieliszewo, Malbork, Siematycze, Nowa Ruda, Trzemeszno and Toruń. They showed their talent in front of the jury and the big audience. They competed against the main prize which was a whip of Great Poland- Wielkopolska bat.WIELKOPOLANIE ON THE PODIUM

“Wielkopolska Bat” which is also called “harapnik” based on deer`s leg, used by best men and men to cheer the newly weds. They waved with the whip making the characteristic sounds. It also meant the end of harvest.

This time a whip became a symbol of the best “polka” and Polish dances.

During the first Polish dance competition in Wronki there were held finals and half-finals rounds in every age category.

Our group didn`t give a shame for our region. Here are our members who stood on the podium:

I place in category VI-VII

Kulka Piotr and Mszanowska Marta- Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”

II place in category VI-VII

Krzyżanowski Grzegorz and Szajkowska Karolina- Great Polish Dance Group


Laskowski Filim and Sierpińska Malwina- Children Folkloristic group “Cepelia Poznań”

III place in category IIB

Spirka Bartłomiej and Kulka Zofia- Children Folkloristic group “Cepelia Poznań”

II place in category I

Tomalka Kamil and Góral Amelia- Folkloristic Group “Marynia”


The magnagment and dancers from the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” congratulate the organizations for a professional input and development of Polish national culture

                                                                                                                                                                                               PK tł ZO

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