21 / 05 / 08


WIELKOPOLANIE „ON THE BOX” IN BRUSYJust on Saturday from the morning eliminations has started. On 4 p.m took part the official opening ceremony as a tradition says with polonez. Our two pairs reached the finals where our pair Magdalena Effert and Jan Galasinski reached the first place in IVb category. Our second pair Hanna Jaworska nd Marcin Lewandowski took 3rd place in IVa category. The coach of the pairs is MR Piotr Kulka, dancers meet once a week for two hours to train all the dances that are needed in the IV age category. All the dancers dance in “Wielkopolanie” since 2006. Recently they were dancers of Children Folkloristic Group “Cepelia-Poznań”. Marcin and Hania dance together since 2004.WIELKOPOLANIE „ON THE BOX” IN BRUSY They competed more than 30 times in polish competitions. Noadays they are students of Poznan High Schools: Marcin VIII HS, Hania II HS, Jasiu IX HS and VII HS. Dancing together is not only competing but also occasion to meet interesting people who love dancing as much as our dancers. 

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