14 / 11 / 16


Wielkopolanie participated in Anseong Baudeogi Folk Festival in Korea.

10 groups from all over the world, native Korean groups, over 600 participants, Korean art-work shows,  traditional food, thousandth audience. All of this and many more took place in International Anseong Baudeogi Festival in South Korea in which Wielkopolanie participated.

Anseong Organizing Committee from 27.09 to 03.10. 2016 organised next Folklore Festival. They invited groups from Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, RPA, Israel, Thailand, India, Colombia and Poland. During Festival there were also many shows from native Korean groups.

In a special prepared folk- area near to Anseong City during all day mentioned groups were giving performances. For thousands of people visiting area organizers prepared dozens of attractions. Visitors could try traditional Korean food, play traditional games, admire folk costumes and artwork. Groups invited to festival could show their programme on 3 stages built in the festival city. Wielkopolanie showed for wide audience dances from Rzeszów, Przeworsk, Beskid region  and three Polish National dances- Krakowiak, Kujawiak and Oberek.  At the end of every performance Wielkopolanie sang specially prepared national Korean Song named “ Arirang”. This addition was very warm-  percepted by the audience, which used to sing together with performers and rewarded artist with huge applause.

For visitors of Anseong Matchum Land organizers prepared special parade to introduce all performance to the audience.  Furthermore guest could sit in many events from Korean culture and art centers.

During festival participants had opportunity to sightsee two Buddhist temples- in Seul and in Anseong. They could pray, make gifts for temple and discover the beauty of Korean culture.

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