12 / 05 / 14



Throughout April dancers of Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” presented the folklore of our region in the Greater Poland in the schools and kindergartens.

During his tour, organized by the Pro Musica Foundation, passing more than 3000 km, visited 68 centers of education and culture. With „Wielkopolska” folklore visited inter alia  Kąkolewo, Granowo, Komorniki, Kostrzyn, Chociczę, Poznań and other places.

The concert program included such dances as wiwaty, przodki, równe, okrągł"WIELKOPOLANIE" EDUCATEe and others from Wielkopolska region.

More than 3,000 students had the opportunity to see the diversity of Wielkopolska folk in costumes, dances, music and instruments specific to each region. The greatest interest in the audience raised folk instruments from Wielkopolska region: dudy wielkopolskie where students can not only listen but also to touch.

Management and Dancers of the Group
would like to thank
Poznan Philharmonic
and Prosinfonica


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