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To the project have joined in average 30 organizations which will prepare what the organizers want during the whole year till September 2008. This projects includes:
1. The growth of local patriotic thinking by the historical and cultural meetings/
2. The popularization of the human friendly behaviour by motivating young people to work for their region.
3. Teaching people and youngsters to participate in school live.
4. Organizing meeting for teachers.
5. Building association between teachers, parents, children and the local authority.
6. Making an occasion for children to show the team work and project work.
The project can be accomplished in these spheres:
1. Parks
2. Tradition, behaviours
3. Art
4. Wielkopolska of the citizens
5. Wielkopolska’s countryside
6. Cities and villages
7. “Wielkopolska is and research”
“Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” will accomplish their job in the second sphere by teaching and helping teenagers of Wielkopolska the region culture and tradition. The first presentation will take part in Education Fairs in February 2008.

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