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Twentieth anniversary of the Children Folkloric Group "Cepelia-Poznań" was a big event for the dancers of "Wielkopolanie". It is a group in which their career started. Since seven years they start to dance under the watchful eye of Mrs. Jadwiga Banaś and Grażyna Rogalińska to subsequently join and dance in Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”.
Children Folkloric Group "Cepelia-Poznań" of Youth Culture Center No. 3 in Poznań was founded in 1988 on the initiative of Henry Maniecki. About 80 children from kindergartens, primary schools and gymnasiums of Poznań and its surroundings exercises in three age groups. The 20 years of Group’s history encompasses approximately 1,500 children who participated in the regular classes, approximately 350 performances in Poznań, Greater Poland and Poland, 24 trips abroad in which children were ambassadors of Polish culture at about 220 concerts. At the festivals the children always acquired a huge audience applause which resulted in next invitations. The creators of artistic program took care of its high level, not only in execution, but they also tried not to lose the harmony with Polish tradition. Transferred to stage children's folklore is authentic and adapted to the age of young performers.
The Gala Concert for the 20th anniversary of the group consisted of two parts: "Greater Poland" - we live here and "Over the course of the Vistula River". WIELKOPOLANIE AT THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY...Spectators had the opportunity to experience folklore of three sub-regions of Greater Poland and eight regions situated on the Vistula River banks. During this extraordinary event "Wielkopolanie" presented themselves in costumes of Poznan Bambers and dances from Szamotuly and Lowicz regions. During the latter, together with their younger colleagues they danced dances called “klepok” and polka.
Bravo! Bravo! Well done! for the Executives, Dancers and Musicians of Children Folkloric Group "Cepelia-Poznań".
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