26 / 10 / 21

Whip of Greater Poland 2021

The 7th National Tournament of Polish Dances for the “Wielkopolski Bat” returned to Wronki in a great style after a one-year break. Over 300 dancers representing dance centers from all over Poland came to Wielkopolska to foster Polish dance traditions to fight for the highest trophy – the Greater Poland whip.

Krakowiaks, oberek, kujawiak, mazurkas and polkas resounded for two days in the Wronki concert hall, where over 20 dance centers enchanted the large audience with their professionalism for two days.

Dancers divided into age categories and dance classes competed on the dance floor in formal costumes, and were judged by a jury consisting of expert judges, consultants and other licensed judges of Polish dances. As in previous years, the regional dance category was also played, the aim of which is to popularize the beautiful dance heritage of Wielkopolska. Ruffers, cheers, doves, marinas and other Szamotuły dances were presented on the dance floor by all generations of dancers, not only from Wielkopolska

As usual, the dancers of “Wielkopolanie” took the leading places in various age categories:

At the National Polish Dance Tournament in Wronki, in the regional dance category, they danced in the finals and won:

1st place, category IV Bartłomiej Spirka and Zofia Kulka;

1st place, category VI Szymon Obolewicz and Agata Pospiech;

II place, category VI Daniel Powroziewicz and Oliwia Lorenz;

2nd place cat. VI Haraś Stanisław and Haraś Diana;

3rd place, category VI Laskowski Filip and Maja Murmiłło;

5th place category IV Kamiński Aleksander and Oliwia Czaińska;

and our youngest:

1st place category III Kamiński Wojciech and Maria Kulka;

2nd place, category II Bryś Tomasz and Mikołajczak Helena;

3rd place cat. II Tomczak Miłosz and Olejniczak Kinga.

At the Tournament in the category of Polish dances in the finals they danced and won:

1st place in category IVB by Bartłomiej Spirka and Zofia Kulka

2nd place in category IV Open by Bartłomiej Spirka and Zofia Kulka

4th place in category VIA Szymański Mikołaj and Zalewska Adrianna

5th place in category VB Laskowski Filip and Maria Murmiłło

5th place in the category VIA Gramse Hubert and Krzyżanek Nicol

6th place in the category VIA Obolewicz Szymon and Pospiech Agata

6th place in category VIIA Haraś Stanisław and Haraś Diana

Our youngest, however:

1st place in category IIIB Kamiński Wojciech and Maria Kulka (children group)

1st place in category IIC Tomczyk Miłosz and Olejniczak Kinga (children group)

4th place in category IIC Bryś Tomasz and Mikołajczak Helena (children group)

4th place in category IIIB Czaiński Mikołaj and Lewandowska Maria (children group)

5th place in category V Bryś Marcin and Sikora Hanna (children group)

5th place in category IIC Sikora Stanisław and Węcel Kornelia (children group)

The other pairs also proudly represented “Wielkopolanie” in the semi-finals and quarter-finals.

“Wielkopolanie” would like to thank the organizers of the Polish National Dance Tournament in Wronki for professional organization, commitment to cultivating Polish, especially Wielkopolska traditions, and for the wonderful atmosphere. WIWAT!

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