05 / 06 / 22

Welcome Center UAM

The month of May ended for the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” with a very positive accent. After time of waiting, international student support office – the AMU Welcome Center, opened its stationary office at Św. Marcin 78 street. “Wielkopolanie” cooperate with the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań for many years and this time also took part in the ceremony, presenting the traditional costumes of Bambers from Poznań, as well as other polish national costumes. After the official welcoming of various guests, speeches by the university authorities and employees, and an exquisite banquet, people present at the event had the opportunity to participate in specially prepared workshops on polish national dances led by the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”. During the workshops, among other dances, participants could hear proud polonez and mazur, as well as lively and cheerful krakowiak. In addition to theoretical knowledge acquired and the dancing steps learnt, the guests could see dancers from “Wielkopolanie” performing. What is more, participants had a chance to lead a dance procession to the rhythm of the polonaise, with everyone dancing and having fun. The task of the AMU Welcome Center is to support all foreign guests and people coming to Poznań, as part of academic visits and exchanges.  The office provides information about the city, region and country, as well as organizes events, such as workshops with the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, integrating the foreign and polish community.


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